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It was dark, You stumbled onto a bench, clenching onto your left side in agony. Your eyes were filled with tears, and your vision had become blurry. Your head was throbbing in pain and it was hard to think straight. Taking in a deep breath, you looked around to see if there was anyone around that could help you. You noticed a nice big house, and the lights were still on. You took the chance and stumbled your way over, knocking on the door as loud as you could, which wasn't very loud since you lost most of your energy. As you leaned against the door frame, your breathing was becoming more heavier, and it was getting harder to keep your eyes open. You were getting very tired, when the door quietly opened, showing a man with Jet black hair, deep brown eyes, and a white uniform on. Who other than your friend, Kiku. 

He saw the look of pain in your face, "______-San? What's the matter?" practically forgetting his personal space issues as he helped you stay up. You slowly removed your hand from your side, showing the bloody gorge in your left side, "I-I-I was... s-shot..." you grumble, falling forwards into the house. Kiku caught you just before you hit the ground, yelling your name. Your eyes slipped closed, and darkness swept over you, leaving you with the ring of Kiku's voice in your head.

Your eyes fluttered open, squinting as they were greeted my a bright yellowish light. You were surprised, you didn't think you were ever going to wake up again. Unless... We're you dead? You tried your best to look around, seeing that you were in a small room with the windows open, letting the summer sun in to light up the room. 

Nope. Your still alive.

How could you tell?

You preferred the winter over the summer. 

You gathered what strength you had, and lifted yourself up, clenching your side in pain just as before. Only this time, you noticed that your side was covered in bandages, with some blood visible where you were shot. You couldn't remember what or how it all happened, and honestly, you didn't have the energy to worry about it.

A heavy sigh could be heard from you as you lay back down, rubbing your head. It was still throbbing in pain just as before, if not worse. You shut your eyes tight, wishing the pain would just go away. You heard the door open, but you didn't move. You didn't have the energy to even open your eyes again, you were just so damn tired. You heard soft footsteps and then a hand gently pressed to your forehead, then your cheek. You felt a light warm blush reach your cheeks.

You felt a soft breath against your ear, then a voice spoke. "prease wake up. I can't stand seeing you rike this, _____-san..." it was Kiku.

You groaned, and slowly opened your eyes, but only half way. Kiku seemed a bis surprised, as he took a step back, looking at you with his cocoa brown eyes. You opened your eyes all the way, and turned your head to look at him. His dark brown eyes met your (e/c) eyes, and you melted into his warm gaze. A small smile found its way to his lips and his eyes softened, "konichiwa, _____-san. It's good to see your awake. I was very worried." he spoke in the sweetest voice that made you blush slightly.

Yes, it was true that you liked Kiku, more than just a friend. You loved his cute Japanese accent, and how he always added the honorific when speaking your name. You loved his jet black hair and cocoa brown eyes.

Hell, you loved everything about him. He was so perfect. 

Except for his personal space issues. A lot of times, when you wanted to just give him a friendly hug, he would always scoot away from you. You felt hurt every time he did so, and you just gave up.

"_____-san? Is something the matter?" his voice snapped you out of your thoughts, "n-no... I'm ok..." you tried sitting up, letting out a cry of pain as a sharp pain attacked your side. Japan supported your back, helping you to sit up. 

"wourd you rike some warm tea, ______-san?" Japan asked with a soothing voice, and you nodded gently. The country bowed respectfully, "Hai, I wirl return soon." and with that, he left, closing the door behind him. You sighed and looked out the window, seeing some of the different colored flowers in the garden. Memories from the first time you met Kiku started coming back to you, and you smiled gently. 

You were both young, and Japan had met you at the park with his older brother, China. He was very sweet to you, even when you hid from him a lot. You were extremely shy, and didn't say much back then. Japan, however, easily became your best friend. There was something about him that you always liked, maybe it was the way he talked to you. You could never quite figure it out. Even to this day you still wonder. China also became your friend; well, he was more like a big brother to you. You always looked up to him, and he took great care of you when you needed it.

Without warning, tears started pouring down your cheeks, and you couldn't stop them. 'why did everything have to be so easy back then?! Why was everything so hard to understand right now?!' 

Suddenly, the door quietly opened, and Yao walked inside with Kiku behind him. The Japanese man had a tray in his hands, with three cups of tea on the tray. One for each of you.

You tried your best to quickly wipe away the tears streaming down your cheeks, but it was too late; Yao saw them. He rushed to the bedside, taking your hands into his, "aru, what's wrong?!" 

You didn't answer him when you saw Japan quickly put the tray of tea down and come to your side with China. Surprisingly, Kiku had a deep look of concern in his cocoa eyes, which usually showed no emotion. "______, are you arright?" Kiku asks, and you gap. 

'he dropped the honorific! He must be serious...' you thought, looking down at your lap, "I-I'm fine... Just... A bit shaken from what happened..." you lied. "Even if I can't really remember what happened." you chuckle slightly. Yao puts a loving hand on your shoulder, "whatever happened, it's over now. Your safe, aru." the Chinese man smiles at you, and you smile back. "thanks Yao." 


After all three of you finished your tea, Japan took all the cups and the tray, leaving the room to return them to the kitchen. You and China chatted for a bit, until china noticed you staring at the door with a small blush on your cheeks. "you love him, don't you aru?" He smirked. "w-what?!" you felt your face heat up, and you looked over at China seeing the sly grin plastered on his face. "admit it, aru! You love Japan!" he grins, causing you to blush more out of embarrassment. "I-I... W-well... I-I dunno..." You stuttered, unsure what else to say. Sure, it was true you love'd Japan, but you didn't want to admit it!

"c'mon, aru~ I've known you long enough to know when your lying." Yao teasingly poked your belly a few times making you giggle slightly, "just say it aru." you looked into China's chocolate brown eyes, and sighed, "fine... Yes, I love Japan, ya happy?" you grunted, crossing your arms and pouting slightly.

"y-you.. rove me?" a Japanese accent was suddenly heard and your turned your head to see none other than Japan standing at the doorframe, a bit shocked. Your entire face went red, 'oh crap! He heard me!! He's gonna think im some weird freak or something! Oh god!!' your mind was full of theses kind of thoughts, and you didn't even notice when China left the room with a smile on his face, and Japan came to your side. 

You were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt a hand placed on yours gently. You noticed it was Kiku's; you were a bit confused, since he's usually going on and on about his personal space. Your gaze shifted over to Kiku's smiling face.... Wait, smiling?

"k-Kiku... W-why are you looking at me like that...?" you felt the now familiar blush rise to your cheeks once again. "because... ______ Aishiteru..." Japan smiled a true, genuine smile; not one of those little smiles he always gives to people. "prease accept my true feerings." you felt his hand slowly wrap around yours in a loving gesture. You couldnt help but smile shyly at the man before you, "you don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that to me..." your voice was quiet and shaken.

You were lost in Kiku's deep cocoa brown eyes, only to be snapped out of your trance when you felt slight pressure against your lips. Your eyes widen with shock; Japan was kissing you! It didn't take you long to return the gesture, melting away into the sweet kiss. 

When you both pulled away, gasping for air, Kiku stroked your cheek with his hand and looked down at you with love filled eyes, "my little cherry blossom~"
YAAAAY!!!~ IM FINALLY FINISHED!!! This took soooo goddang looooong!!

Well, I made a Japan X Reader story for all you Kiku fans out there! I hope you like...

Please tell me what you think!~
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Sweet and awesome at the same time shot
2.helped by japan
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7. You feel like ur in heaven 

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CreepyAnimeFreak02 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CHINA MUSTVE KNOWN JAPAN WOULD OVERHEAR!!!!!! Wait, what if he didnt show up at that exact time? How did he just know japan would be there then and not after I said it? WHY AM I EVEN GOING ON ABOUT THIS?!?!
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So we never found out how i got shot???
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#1 Was worth it.
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KalishRalich Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student Artist
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